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So I bought a computer, a hp pro 3400 series MT and I put an old SSD that I had with my previous files on. Everything worked fine but I'm having the same problem I had before: the microphone. The old computer was a laptop and was only able to use the built in mic but none from any headphones. The same problem is happening on this computer as well. I've tried using multiple ports, headphones and have re-installed the drivers. Nothing has seemed to work. I have done the microphone test and the computer recognizes the mic, it just doesn't do anything. I read up on the 4 pin plugs and 3 pin plugs and I have a good feeling that I can't find a four pin connector on my computer which is why the microphone is not working. But I still can't fix this. I need some help here.


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Sorry to hear about your Microphone problem. Usually on desktops such as yours, there will be a Red color-coded microphone connector on the back of the computer case. That's where it should be plugged in first to test it. Many desktops such as my 7 year old Dell Studio540 also have a Red mic jack on the front panel. I'm guessing you tried both, if you have both, othewise the one on the rear of the case.

Your post doesn't say whether the Microphone you are testing has EVER worked on either the old computer or the new computer. I would urge you to take it to a friend's computer and see if it works there. Of course, it would be helpful, if the friend's microphone is currently working to do this test. If your friend doesn't have a working mic, ask if you can bring yours over and test it. It's like a 5 min. test. If you can't do that, or are remote with no friend and no computer, try taking your microphone into your local computer repair shop where they can test it for you. Most places will do that for free, some will charge you $10-$15 or something nominal as it's only a 5 min. test as I said. If the Microphone you have is faulty, the repair shop will most likely have a new one in stock that works they can sell you. Take that home and test it on your PC. It should work.

If the answer to my question above is, that the mic you have NEVER worked on either computer, most likely it's faulty, unless you can prove otherwise by testing on a friend's computer or one at a repair shop. If faulty, you can replace for $10-$20 in most cases.

If the answer to my question is that is USED TO WORK, but now does not on either computer, the same testing applies I suggest to you above.

If you find that the microphone you have indeed works on another computer, but fails to work on yours, I suggest you reload Windows on your HP from factory Recovery Media. You can also try to put in the original mechanical hard drive that came with the HP computer when you bought it, and use the Recovery Partition to reinstall Windows from a factor image on that drive for testing purposes. If your Mic works in either case, you probably had a virus or other Windows corruption on the SSD drive Windows install or on the original HP mechanical drive.

Let us know how it turns out.

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