Windows 7 unable too boot on win7 RC1 dvd


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Ok atm i got windows 7 32bit beta 7057 build, i then downloaded win7 64bit RC, burnd the iso too dvd, tryd mounting the iso and makeing a copy aswell as burning the iso directly. The problem is that i cant start the installation from win7 32bit, gives me error 64bit blah blah, but issue is that when i restart my computer and try too boot from the dvd it wont work. Had same issue whit win6 32bit release, solved that 1 by starting the instalation from winxp wich i had back then. Useing Nero too burn my iso. and yes ive checked my bios that its set too boot from cd rom first. Any1 got any ideas how too get this too work?
How far does it get into the boot process of the DVD? Or does it not boot at all?
If it doesn't boot at all... that sounds like a computer issue, or maybe just bad DVDs... :O