unexpected error during download restart

I bought the Windows 7 professional 32 bit, done step by step guide to change from XP. Installation went well in the custom installation-message appeared for the computer to restart to complete installation. Windows 7 screen appears and the thoughts are that it had installed. "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encounter an unexpected error windows installation can on proceed to install windows click "ok" to restart the computer and then restart the installation." I called the company support (Pugh) and was advised that the fault is possibly due to the dvd disk running of an external usb hard drive I had to go to Bios settings to rearrange the boot order. I have no access to Safe mode for my keyboard/mouse mouse would not select any options in menus.Just upgraded my memory-Ebox hard drive. Cable into the VGA in. Please can a hero safe a woman from complete insanity. Even if I can just somehow get access to XP again. Have a restore CD but it is for my Dell laptop.

Sorry about that Drew, 1st time I'm using a forums website. Will keep in mind for future. How do I delete the other entries and just keep one.

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