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How do I remove RealPlayer Cloud, since it doesn't appear on the program list in the Control Panel?
If I try to delete the folders <Real> and <RealNetworks>, it displays the message "Folder or file in it open by another program".




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There a few different ways to uninstall a program or app that is not listed in your Control Panel-->Programs. The safest way is to use a good uninstall program such as REVO uninstaller. You can download the 30 day trial version for free. If it works for you and you like it, you can buy it or not. Here's a really good video on exactly how to use it: How to Uninstall Programs That Won't Uninstall from Windows 7 « Operating Systems.

The other way requires advanced computer skills, and that is you must be able to boot your computer into SAFE MODE, and once there, you can use the Windows Regedit.exe program to remove all traces of the program from the Registry. It is always best to use the Export function in Regedit to save a backup copy of your Registry file to your Desktop, in case the removal of your program and it's remnants cause your computer to become unstable and it will no longer boot. Bear in mind that manual Registry editing is VERY HIGH RISK!!! So, it's best that you FIRST BACKUP ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA TO EXTERNAL MEDIA! THIS WOULD INCLUDE YOUR LIBRARY FOLDERS FOR DOCUMENTS, PHOTOS, MUSIC, VIDEOS, AND ANY SAVED E-MAILS OR ATTACHMENTS IN ORDER TO AVOID ANY IRRETRIEVABLE DATA LOSS!!!

If Revo can't get rid of your Real Player Cloud app, you can try to remove it from the Registry itself; however, there's no guarantee that without experience using the Rededit program your computer will work normally and not throw error messages to the screen on bootup or windows login.

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