Unplug devices wakes computer

When I unplug a device (mouse, cord to speakers, keyboard) this wakes my computer from sleep mode. The instructions I have found to edit this setting all pertain to Vista or earlier models, none to Windows 7. How can I change this setting so Windows 7 no longer wakes when devices are unplugged.

Note: going to device manager and then the properties for each item does not provide a power option like the earlier Windows versions.

I have attached a screen shot showing that there is not a power option under the device manager.

Thank you for your help. :razz:



Hello and Welcome.

1. The Power Management Tab is only visible when logged in as an Administrator.

2. Check the BIOS for wake over usb power management settings (that you may want to disable).

3. This freeware tool may help:


Download MCE Standby Tool 0.9.091 Free - Automatic periodic reboots, closing and restarting of the media center applications - Softpedia


How do I access administrator mode, I am the only user/owner of this computer? And the program would not let me change the setting for waking up the computer in the program (it isn't shaded, the same as in your screen shot).

Thank you for the quick response, I look forward to your further help.

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