Unresponsive Windows after 5 - 10 minutes

I recently has a problem with the stuck on 'starting windows' but solved it by reinstalling my anti-virus software.
After this was solved , I encountered another problem in which after I use windows or any other application on my desktop it becomes unresponsive ( this includes the task bar and desktop that freezes).I have tried Ctrl + Alt + Del which doesn't solve the problem.

In some instances , Windows catches up to my requests and things start to work again but then no application would open but the desktop and task bar is still responsive.For example , I tried to open Chrome but the browser doesn't appear , I have waited but still doesn't appear.However , I did check task manager and it does appear the exe file is running for any application. This problem doesn't happen in safe mode which I
'am on.
ANy help would be great , Thanks.

Extra Information : I have tried a clean boot multiple times but the problem still persists

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