Windows 10 unuaranted white bar on desktop


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Suddenly a white bar on the top of the desktop appeared as shown on the attached.

It is a search bar & there is no way to delete it.

Can you help to get rid of it please? .......thanx .......nick


Hi @nichosi What happens when you click above the search bar?? you get a drop down where you can uncheck toolbars?


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I think I remember that happening to me.
I believe that it was a third party adware program of some sort.

Check your startup items with CCleaner and see if you can identify it and turn it off.

If you can do that, you can probably find it and unistall it.

You might try running Malwarebytes and see if it shows up as a PUP.


PS. Web Bar Removal Guide

Web Bar - Uninstall

Web Bar Adware

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Looks like a toolbar that came with your printer driver. Please post back Make/Model of printer you are using. Have you changed or added or removed an old printer recently and replaced/installed with a new one?

Often when you click on the free offers in the printer bloatware added to the full driver, they throw a free toolbar in there and 99% of toolbars these days have some sort of spyware tracking mechanism in there to send your surfing habits back to the 3rd part company that included the toolbar with the printer company. Once we know which printer you have, we can suggest some more specific tools. If Mike's suggestions don't get rid of it for you.


Here's a link that might uninstall it?? I've had some good luck with it. Give it a look if all the above fail!;)
This ts a MBAM App.
Uninstalls unwanted toolbars and browser helper objects, including the Ask and Babylon toolbars

Junkware Removal Tool

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