Unwanted Windows 10 Update

Recently my wife's laptop started downloading a Windows 10 update. This knocked her machine out when she was waiting for an important email. Yesterday the same thing happened to my laptop when I was preparing documents for a meeting. This morning my tower started downloading a Windows 10 update which tied it up for over an hour. We did not request or want to upgrade to Windows 10.
It is bad enough getting reminders pop up every day without it making the decision for you.
How can we stop it happening ?


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Hi Dursley,
this may help you:
GWX Control Panel


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You have 30 days to revert back to earlier version seen here:
How to recover a previous build(s) or your original version of Windows using the Recovery or Rollback feature - Revised July 23rd, 2015
And you have no choice but to complete the process or you will have real issues then use this and kemical's program will prevent the Upgrade function though you will have to manually monitor Windows UPdates instead of auto install them to be certain you stay oin the earlier version
and you would need to go into Windows Updates and change the settings to download and install on your say so.

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Also change the Windows Update to never check for updates then go into Services and change startup to manual. Keep an eye out for KB3035583 even when you hide it it seems to slip back in the update list.

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