Windows 10 update making screen dim randomly


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After updating to window 10 (originally having windows 7) the screen brightness flickers from dim to normal again randomly.
I tried fixing it by Display –> Enable adaptive brightness, and change the settings there to Off. which did not change anything.

It was suggested updating drivers but I don't know which ones or how.

Thank you
Hi @xan ! Welcome to the forum! It would be great if you could post some specs. Make and model of your PC
Once we know that, Someone will help you when they get time!;)
Thanks for joining the forum!
Please post your power configuration as well.
  • Open an elevated command prompt (right click on command prompt and select Run as Administrator)
  • Type powercfg /L
  • Make note of the power scheme with a * next to it
  • Next type powercfg /Q <GUID> >> '%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\current_powercfg.txt"
  • Upload the text file created on your desktop.
My specs: Windows 10 64bit. 6 gig ram, i5-2410m cpu @ 2.30 ghz, Nvidia gforce 410m. System model: VPCEJ1Z1E
(Power Saver)*
Also, I typed: powercfg /Q <GUID> >> '%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\current_powercfg.txt, as you stated, but it did not give me anything.
Thanks for your quick replys!
Made it work. Here is the text.


  • PowerPlanSettings.txt
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Yes, the only thing that might affect the brightness is the GPU settings. You might want to change to the balanced power scheme and see if that resolves the issue.