Windows 8 Upgrade ti Win 8 after installing new motherboard


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Nov 20, 2012
Hi guys!

This might be anything from a simple question to a complicated dilemma:

Currently I have Win 7 Professional, acquired 2½ years ago from MSDNAA (?). I've just bought myself a new motherboard, HDD and CPU. I was thinking about upgrading to Win 8 at the same time as I'm doing my upgrade.

- However -

Since my Win 7 was acquired via MSDNAA, I don't think I'm allowed to install it on a new HDD with a new motherboard (it might be considered OEM?).

Will I be able to download the win 8 upgrade and do a clean install on my new HDD? Or will they force me to do the upgrade directly on the HDD where my current win 7 is?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated :)
I'll reply myself. It might be that someone is having the same issues.

If installing Win 8 on a fresh HDD, you'll afterwards be notified that your windows installation is not legit.

However, there is an easy solution available, just google it.
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