USB connections fail with Win 7 64 bit on all four computers brands


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This is a very serious error for users of WIN 7 64 bit only.
I have read hundreds of posts about this problem an not a word about it from MS.
We have tested this problem on four different computers and three different external hard drives using Win 7 Ultimate.
If you connect "Any brand" external USB hard drive to "Any brand of computer" using Win 7 (64 bit only) and try to copy a large file like a movie from the internal drive to the external USB drive it loses the connection to the USB.
We even reverted back to Vista 64 bit on two computers for testing but Vista works fine.
Using Two different HP desktops, one Acer latop and another Dell desktop.
This occurs on all computers with different USB drives.
We have tried all the suggestions posted and none work.
Below is a more on this problem.
Windows 7 USB external hard drives lose its connection and stops working.
If anyone knows how to resolve this please let us know.

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