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i have a couple of Speed-link medusa usb headphones, and there seems to be no way of getting them to work properly in win 7 beta.
When i plug them in, Windows automaticly installs drivers. However, the channel mapping is totaly wrong.
First, it detects as 7.1 sound (with no other alternatives to go with), when its actually 5.1. The side channels have no sound of thier own, and the two back channels are crossed. as for the center/sub i cant really hear if they are crossed aswell.

I have also tried to install the manufacturers drivers for vista64, but when i try to open the "control-center" for the headphones, the computer seems to lock in some kind of loop, thinking really hard (heavy mouse lag, and unable to click anything, not even ctrl-alt-del works)

also, sometimes when i play music with wmp, there seems to be a strange dampening at lower-frequencies. i read in some other post about the speakers "stealing" sound from eachother. this seems to be non-existent when using media player classic.

It would really be nice to get these to work, as my onboard sound card has a cracked soundplug (for the second time), and i want to use headphones.

is there ANYone with a similar prob, please tell me.

please excuse bad english.


Heres my specs.
win7 build 7057
Acer travelmate 7520g
AMD turion tl-60 64 2ghz
4gb ram
radeon mobility hd2400xt
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