User Interface problem with new Taskbar

The new taskbar has some great features, Aero Peek and Jump Lists are two things I really like.

However, here is the big problem

lets say I have a few chat windows open and they're all hidden behind another window (lets say Firefox)

If someone sends me a message the chat icon flashes to notify me that a window requires my attention

so far so good.

Then I click on the flashing program icon and this is where the screw up is....

Rather than the application opening up onto the window that requires my attention, I'm presented with the aero peek thumbnail windows and have to visually see the one that is flashing and then click on the thumbnail to activate it!

So from XP/Vista days, my chat window would flash in the task bar and I would click it and voila my chat window would appear! (unless of course I was using grouped windows, which I wouldnt because I would turn it off as its naff)

So Win 7 has now made getting to your required window longer than it was before!

good work microsoft, backward step in usability!!!

The way it should work is

Click the icon it loads the active window (or just shows all windows for that application)

Hover over the icon and it shows aero peek thumbnails

Is that too hard to do?


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About the only thing you can do is right-click on the taskbar, choose properties. Under taskbar buttons, change the setting to Combine when taskbar is full.

This will give you a single windows for each occurrence

I could put the windows 7 taskbar back to the way XP/Vista worked if I wanted (including Quicklaunch)

But that is beside the point.

The new system should be better! not worse!

Bad Microsoft!

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