Insider Preview Vertical black box appearing on upper left of laptop screen

I down loaded iso of windows 10 tech preview and installed it on a toshiba l505d-es5025 laptop. Ran it for a couple of days and then a vertical black box started to appear on the upper left of the screen. Only when I am at the desktop. Never while in an app or on web at first. Now appears at all places. I have a screen shot of this if anyone is interested to see. Is this a virus or Microsoft?

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#2 the screen shot.

Here it is. It appears for a second and disappears.


Never mind spending time on it. Found out what it is. If I rotate the volume control on the laptop, the box appears and will go up and down with the volume.Thanks for any help you may have put into this. Hope if anyone else has the same thing happen, they can see this.


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LMAO.....that's just good TV right there....I tell you what!!!!!!!

Yep...that's the MS 8/8.1 onscreen volume style. I rather like it to be honest. Well at least you found out what it was.

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