Very unusual problem with update.

My system carried out an update on 3/8/2014. All seemed ok with that, except update seems stuck on needing to reboot.
I have rebooted it over a 100 times, but it does not change. I cannot check of other updates, because the system needs a reboot to install updates that are either invisible, or just not there.
I also cannot install some other programs that I need because a reboot has been requested by update.

Has anyone seen this with Windows 7 before?

The update did cause one issue, which has happened before. I run a WiDi system on the laptop and for the third time so far that an update has caused the WiDi software to fail to link up to the Netgear WiDi adaptor.
This is when I saw that update was still requesting a reboot, and also found that the Intel software that supports the WiDi interface will not install while update is requesting a reboot.

Thanks is advance for any help you can give.

Unplug that Netgear WiDi device and uninstall the driver for it. Reboot and see what happens.

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