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Windows 7 Video Title


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May 29, 2009
I have a couple of video files downloaded from YouTube, which have personal names appear after the video title on screen in VLC when the video begins to play ( I assume the names are those of the people who uploaded them). I have checked on both the General and Details tabs of the properties of those files, but there is no sign of those names there. Obviously, that means that those names are attached somewhere else, but where?
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Do you mean that the names appear in the video?
Or they are somehow flashed on the screen independent of the video content, and don't always appear at the same time or place?

I'm not sure what you are seeing, I've never seen content on a video that wasn't part of the video itself.

If you want to get rid of the names maybe you could open the videos in Windows Live Movie Maker and edit them out.

No, not independent and not separate from the video. As you probably know, when you start a video in VLC, it displays the name of the video, as entered on the details tab of the properties. In all of my videos, I edit the title fields of both the General and Details tabs to have identical names. The personal name appears at the same time as the video title with a hyphen separating them.

I said that the personal names were probably the uploaders, but after Googling, I found that at least one of them is a director. Either way, I have no desire to have anything other than the video title appear.

I'm not familiar with Windows Live Movie Maker, but I will try it out to see if it might solve the problem.
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I'm not really familiar with VLC, I remember using it at one time.
But I just rely on Windows Media Player now, it's gotten a lot better over the years and will play pretty much anything.

If the files are in .flv format you may have to convert them to .avi or .mpg to edit them in Movie Maker.
There are a number of free converters, I use Any Video Converter.

Download Any Video Converter 3.5.8 for windows - Filepuma.com

Windows Movie Maker is a free download from Microsoft and is part of the Windows Live package.

It's kind of simplistic but it will let you edit out clips from an existing video pretty easily.

Movie Maker - Microsoft Windows

If you're into video you might be interested in Adobe Premiere Elements, I've use it for years through many versions.
It will let you do a really professional looking job of editing and it's inexpensive and easy to use.

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It will open and edit pretty much any kind of video.

Thanks, but I have plenty of .mp4 files to use, most of the rest are .flv. If it were necessary to convert to .avi, I would pass, because I've had a lot of them that required being repaired for them to be able to play. I like files that are more reliable than that.

Regarding your comment about WLMM, it appears that you think that I meant that the names were in the film itself...not so. VLC extracts the name/title from the properties detail field and displays it momentarily as mentioned. Therefore clipping the file would not help, unless there was something somewhere otherwise invisible that that VLC used as part of the name field of the details tab.

Often the download source is placed there, with or without the film title and produces a long line on screen that is nearly indecipherable in the short time it appears, but is correctable by the means that I described. However, all data, both wanted and unwanted is clearly visible on the tab, and correctable via keyboard, as with any line of text normally is.

Sorry I don't have any idea how VLC does that, I haven't used it in many years.
I don't think that it did that back then, if it did I don't remember it.

The only thing that I can suggest it try and convert one to another video format like .mpg, and see if the notification get lost in the translation.

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I can understand that, because I know as little about WMP, because I've never cared for it, and don't intend to use it at any time. The closest that I get to it is MPCHC, and I don't use it very often.

You might give WMP another chance, I remember when I did use VLC, because of all the issues with WMP, but that's not the case anymore.

I'm a real video geek, I do a lot of video editing and creation, but I find Media Player works fine for virtually anything I want to play, even .mov files which used to require Apple software to run.

I used to have all sorts of video playback software Uled, Realmedia, you name it, all long gone now.

I create my stuff at full HD and it always looks and runs great in Media Player, even files that are many gigabytes.

I'm glad that you're satisfied with it, but I don't have any problems with VLC either (I do not consider the issue in this thread to be VLC's fault). Therefore, there's no reason for me to change. The closest that I might come is to use Media Center, because my movie catalog program has a plugin that displays my collection in it, which makes it easy to use.

However, I normally just use my movie catalog program for that purpose, because it links all movie to it. I sometimes use XBMC, but haven't really warmed up to it, because the scrapers that it uses doesn't find all of my movies. In fact it misses about 500 of my 2700 movies.