View the POST (Power-On-Self-Test) on a Windows 8

I currently own a Lenovo (G50-30) Windows 8.1 laptop.
I have noticed when the power button is pressed the only thing you see is:
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It appears for about 21 seconds then boots into windows.
However, I wanted to be able to view the POST when it was booting up, but I couldn't find an option anywhere I looked (BIOS etc.). I tried to question the Lenovo support forums but it wouldn't let me log in, so I have had to come here to see if anybody else has any ideas. So far I have managed to come to the conclusion that it is possible to be able to view the POST while booting, but I have not found a way to prove it.


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Your best way is to create a file of the boot process

At the Windows 8 boot screen select:

choose other options
advanced options
startup settings

After rebooted select "enable bootlogging"

After the system gas started up you will find a file called ntbtlog.txt in the Windows folder which you can examine using notepad.


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I like to watch what is going on also. On my systems, it is usually some setting related to a splash screen being viewed. Maybe you can find a setting for that. Of course OEMs set up the bios options as they see fit. They may have not put that option in the bios.

In some cases you may be able to hit some key to show the info you want, but that would be just for the current boot.

Thanks both of you for the help, but it seems for now the closest I will be able to get is patcooke's answer, as I have tried for a while randomly pressing buttons and button combinations and nothing seems to work. It seems maybe that there may not be anyway to accomplish this task as I tried a while back and gave up then too.

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