Windows 7 Virtual / Multiple Desktops in W7 Anyone


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Just a Question -- Has anybody been able to "replicate" the old XP Power toy where you could have 4 virtual desktops

Linux has had this feature for AGES and is not only restricted to 4 but I'd be quite happy with 4.

I've added this as a suggestion to MS both via feedback and by direct contact with a Developer. With larger machines and more and more RAM you can run a whole load of apps at the same time now and the desktop gets really cluttered.

Here's a thumbnail of the old XP system -- You'll see what I mean. Desktops 1-4 are numbered on the bottom bar.
In XP you just click on the desktop number to switch -- they can also be totally separate (separate logos, apps etc) or you can share some stuff between them.

I'd much rather something USEFUL like this than messing around with AERO effects.

The Linux effect is done by Compiz Fusion, there is a similar 3rd party application that will do this in XP and Vista. No idea if it works in Windows 7 though!
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Hi Bazcee
Not trying to be nasty - BUT PLEASE CHECK FACTS before posting.

Most Linux distros have had multiple Desktops long before COMPIZ - FUSION etc etc was even thought of.

I've had multiple KDE desktops as far back as SUSE 9.0 (Way before Novell took it over) -- sure there was similar in older Red Hat distros etc etc.

The Compiz stuff IMO is better than aero with the nice cubes etc -- it's basically just "eye Candy" and some work for those nice expensive graphics cards you've bought to do.

Multiple desktops however is a perfectly useful feature which just relies on the basic GUI and some kernel code- no fancy graphics needed to get it to work.