Windows 7 Virtual SCSI killed my desktop.


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Hi, this problem has been killing me all day/night. I'm running Windows 7 build 7000, the 32 bit version.
I tried to install Daemon tools yesterday, but that failed. I continued to install Alcohol 120. I noticed that the SCSI virtual driver installer kept freezing and crashing during my installation. After the reboot, my desktop no longer shows up. When I drag to select, nothing appears. I can right click and the menu will appear, but nothing will happen when I make selections. Icons do not appear either. I can access my desktop though the folders/explorer, and my startmenu is working. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks.
Both these are broken in W7.

If you need a "Virtual" disc mounter then UltraISO (paid for) or CloneCD (free) both work on W7. These will mount CD/DVD ISO's.

Yeah, I figured that out the hard way. Is there anyway for me to fix my desktop? If not, I guess I'll have to do a clean install again. Thanks for the help.