W7 unstable- cursor changing mode, screen freezing


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W7 64 bit ... all updates
In last couple of days PC has become unreliable ... after it's been running a while screen freezes, cursor locked ... ctl+alt+del will not work.
When this happens found I can recover ... but often only for 1 or 2 mins ... by simply plugging something into USB port .. as soon as you get the "Bing Bong" device found noise, screen unfreezes.

Sometimes just waiting 30 sec to a min and screen will unfreeze.

Also notice frequently when working, the cursor changes to window resize mode (double ended arrow) and then work is erratic until it recovers.
Also cursor will frequently 'disappear' when you move to an active window, or turn into text entry 'vert bar' cursor for no reason. Both Kyb & Mouse are USB

Sometimes hitting 'ESC' several times will return control temporarily.
I have reinstalled mouse driver .... but no change.

Seems like it is USB related.

Run sfc /scannow it advised corruption on some files and unable to repair.

The CBS log is immense, and I think beyond my abilities to know what needs to be fixed (and how to fix) probably not good enough.

System Restore - went back 8 different restore points - all fail to restore 'unspecified error 0xc0000022' Have had no error reports that restore points had failed.

Is there an option to 'repair' a windows install ? or other suggestions ....


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Sure, if you can boot Windows normally you can perform an in place upgrade repair install which would hopefully take care of the issues. Reference here.
Of course you will want to backup any and all critical data in case anything goes wrong. These usually take a long time but generally go without a hitch but of course nothing is always 100%
Additionally if your machine already has Service Pack 1 installed then you will need install media that already has SP1 integrated which you should be able to find here.
Be sure and grab the correct version as well as the proper version architecture that corresponds specifically to your current installation.


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OK ... I have SP1 and Windows is up and running, just getting these odd ball freezes and cursor issues. Could be hardware but happens with different input devices.
I'll get backups done and try it out. Thanks


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You bet.... and keep us posted as to the results.
My initial thought was to perform an offline scan with this product
Followed up by a safe mode scan with this one
But if you're showing a lot of problems in the CBS.log with system files that cannot be repaired then I suspect an in place upgrade / repair might be a shorter route than attempting repairs.


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A Q. ... (if you know) to use the Repair install detailed here : http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/3413-repair-install.html

It has comment: ...

My OS is on separate SDD to the Users profiles. This is an issue .. users profiles take up 232GB, and there is not enough space for me to move these back onto OS drive (only has 80GB space)


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I've read that as well.
And I'm in the same position as you everything, all my profile folders as well as program files and data are on a second spinner.... but there is still my default user profile present on C:\Users\MyUserName
My thoughts are that with that in place I would just have to point them to where they actually are after the repair install by the same method I used to relocate them originally. Folder properties, location tab, move.

Unfortunately I can't advise you further without actually testing this process myself as I have not performed an inplace upgrade / repair since making those adjustments to those folder location.

I may do a quick image of C and D and try it if I find time later.


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Just backups tonight ... so I can hold off in case you are able to check


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OK..... sorry for the delay.
Reporting back. Performed an in place upgrade / repair on my Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit computer and everything went as expected, actually better than expected as I was having some trouble with the native "Photos" app opening and then promptly closing and the in place upgrade / repair seems to have had the effect of actually fixing that small issue.

Now with respect to the location of user profiles. I need to explain that I have nothing on my C:\ drive except my Operating System, however..... all the data structure remains the same as it would with a normal install.
C:\Users is still there
C:\Users\Randy is still there
All of the sub-folders in C:\Users and C:\Users\Randy are still there
Just like
C:\Program Files is still there
C:\Program Files (x86) is still there.
What I did was create the identical data structure on D:\
So now
C:\Users\Randy\Desktop (while still present) has been moved to D:\Users\Randy\Desktop
same with C:\Users\Randy\Documents and so on and so forth.
And when I install a program I just change the install path from C:\blah blah to D:\blah blah

In other words I used this method of moving the sub-folders under C:\Users\Randy (more or less).

So I can only surmise that if you used the same method, then an in place upgrade / repair will likely work for you as well.

And another positive outcome which was kinda unexpected, was that I didn't have to repoint anything again. The locations and their references remained intact.
Overall very happy with the outcome. Kinda reluctant to put my image back in place now.

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