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I am trying to create w8.1 Installation Media using File History.

I used the Inst.Media Tool, I clicked "open DVD burner" it said Error & ejected the new DVD+R 4.7GB, also tried 2 more.

This "DVD Drive (I:\)ESD -ISO" with 9 files in it appeared at the bottom of Win Explorer. What is it, my DVD drive is "J".

Then I clicked the Tool's "G:\Windows.iso" which opened my "G" partition with a lot of directories & 119 files.

Please see attachments.

What am I to do with all those? How else can I create an Installation Media. .............nick


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Not sure if this will work for you or not, but please see - http://www.sysnative.com/forums/win...ate-installation-media-for-windows-8-1-a.html

If you have an OEM version Windows (came preinstalled on your system), you can create one set of Windows Recovery disc(s) via software that is installed on your system by the OEM. Check your system owner's manual or your system manufacturer's support site for additional information.

If you already used your one chance to create the recovery media or the creation software is INOP, contact the OEM for replacement media - http://www.sysnative.com/forums/win...rosoft-windows-replacement-media-os-dvds.html

If you have a full retail version of Windows, contact Microsoft for a replacement DVD - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/326246

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Sorry somehow the attachments did not appear in my 1st post. I'll try again:-



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At the moment I would to clear what certain things I found are really for & how they came about.

Clicking on either the "Windows.iso" & on "DVD Drive (I:\) ESD-ISO" open in the 9 items of the scan below & double clicking the "setup.exe" in it the blue square window of Win8 installation opens & proceeds to install w8.

The second scan shows the 9 items when double clicking either of two above.

The third scan of the Win.ISO properties, note the "Type of file: Disc Image File (ISO)".

I am at a loss of how they were created without giving an option of where to save it.

Should'nt these things be in a DVD for starting w8 in emergency?



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Sounds like the files which are created when an upgrade is performed probably when you upgraded to 8.1


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Does that mean that I do not have to make an Image of my system or create an Installation Media?

I create regular Restore points, is it not enough in case of emergency.

Can I burn those nine files that includes the "Setup.exe" in a DVD & use that as an Installation Media? ..........nick

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I suppose I have to ask, if you are trying to use file history to create install media, what is your actual goal?

Are you trying to make media which will restore your system to it current configuration, or media which will install it back original install specs.

Using the ESD to create install media is fine if you want to do that, but you could just use the link below. Of course this will not reinstall your applications or recover any of your data.


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