Wacky mouse pointer when using Word 2010


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Whenever I use Word (other apps and the desktop are fine) the mouse pointer constantly changes its appearance. This occurs so quickly that I can barely make out the different components. It seems to rotate/cycle between the standard thick white arrowhead, an I-shaped cursor with four small adjacent horizontal lines, and a blue circle. I first noticed this while using Word 2007 so I upgraded to Word 2010 but the problem persists. My OS is Win7 Professional.

Could be a whole host of reasons. Do you use any add-ons for Word? If so, disable them to see if the problem goes away. Also try running a virus/etc scan to ensure your system is clean. Are you using the latest firmware for your mouse? Finally, have you tried adjusting your cursor display settings via Control Panel?


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If it's hopped from Word 2007 to Word 2010 it's probably
a. a driver problem
b. some malware you have
c. could be hardware = the mouse you have - a lot depends on rather mechanical factors

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