What DC to AC Inverter Should I Buy?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by Heaven or Hell, Apr 6, 2011.

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    I'm interested in getting this new Dell Vostro for college reasons, and am finding myself in a situation where I may have to be using it in the car sometimes...

    Laptop batteries typically dont last as long as it takes for me to study...so that's when I found out there are DC to AC inverters.

    At first I was like there's my solution, but a little searching online told me I have to "beware" of what I buy when it comes to this. This is not like a conversion from 3.5mm to RCA, USB A to USB mini b, where all those types of converters are the same. Each DC to AC inverter seems to have its own specs.

    So what should I be looking for? I've read laptops are pretty delicate and require a certain level of quality when it comes to inverters. I don't want my 400 dollar laptop to screw up. :(

    Thanks for the help.
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    The most important thing is to match the power output of the inverter to the Lap Top's power requirment. EX: 65 watt power required for the lap top the inverter must supply that output or more. When I bought mine I purchased one that would output more then what was required by the lap top just to be safe.
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    You may want to take a look here Is it possible to plug my HP laptop into a power inverter in my car without it ruining the laptop battery especially the post by IchtheosaurusRex wherein he explains some issues with cheaper inverters regarding their square wave signals, as opposed to typical AC 60hz syne-wave and how some of the better inverters provide a modified square wave providing a stepped transition above and below the AC zero line. He even provides a few links to some of the better inverters which you may find helpful.

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