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Hi Thanks for calling in.

I thought I'd be clever and 'have a go' at installing Android on my Windows Machine 'not a good idea' as half way through the installation it threw its legs up and decided it was not going to install. Now when I boot into Windows 10 I get GRUB and have to EXIT twice before it will boot Windows what can I do to get my boot into Windows sequence 'back to normal' I imagine this involves getting into the Bios. I thought maybe reinstall Windows may correct the problem but NO.

I'm not sure if this Post should have gone onto the Android Forum but as I no longer wish to TRY Android I thought this the perfect Forum to get my Windows machine back to being a Windows Machine with your help, THANKS..

PLEASE wherever you are and whoever you are Stay Safe. P....

Very old Asus M553


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You'll probably need the advanced install mode in the Windows installer and format the drive through there. Windows probably just sees a disk with unknown filesystems that it can't use