What Spyware Software Do You use?

Sptbot Search and Destroy and Spywareblaster. I use to use Ad-aware but the latest supported version sucks. Yay Lavasoft

The progrms for spyware and AV I am using are free no purchase required. I will be purchasing a AV when Windows 7 comes out. However the other spyware programs are free. You really can not have enogh protection what one program misses another may catch.

At one point I used Lavasoft but a few days ago I decided to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

SOme of the other programs not mentioned like Hijackthis and autoruns can also be used to tweak settings and see what crap you have starting that shouldn't be. I have NEVER seen an anti virus do it all!

Its all good, i know what to stay away from and not to click on. And like i said anything of real value is backed up, no biggie if anything happens i just format.
Yes,, it is possible to stay clean for a period of time.

But, are you 100% sure that your system is NOT being used as zombie without your knowing it.

I don't have any recommendation for A/V other than don't use AVG (garbage).

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