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I am in the market for a new Computer, with about $600 dollars to spend, right now. Up front, I am not crazy about the Win 8 OS, as I hate the loss of the start menu. Should I wait for the Win 10 to come out? Like I said, what would you do sit tight and wait or will there be something that will come along that will have a free upgrade to Win 10 and the start menu?


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If you want a new computer right now go ahead and buy one.
Install Classic Shell to get the traditional start menu back and then update to Windows 10 early next year.

I don't think anyone has had any issues with updating to 10 TP, and I'm sure that by the time it goes live is will be a smooth easy process, and as far as I know it will be free to Windows 8 users.

I'm only running 10 TP right now and I'm pretty happy with it.



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Sounds good to me Mike. Might be a good tine to get one with the Christmas Sales going on too.

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