What's the safest remote help software win7-win10?


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Hi guys
I've a Win 7 PC and am looking to help out an elderly friend who has a Win 10 PC using remote software - while she only lives 2 mins away, I'm finding myself often having to go out for the sake of a 2-min fix - she struggles to explain the problem to me when she runs into error msgs and I sometimes find it faster to just go & see it for myself as she isn't au fait enough to fix things even if I tell her what to do (though is happily capable of using Word & the internet to some degree without regular help).

Hence I was thinking that it might be worthwhile setting up a remote method and wondered what the best software would be to do that? I've used remote desktop on my own network between laptop & PC but have never tried doing it remotely i.e. outside my home, so wasn't sure if it would be the best or is there anything else?



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I've used a lot of different remote software to help out friends and family. I find Team Viewer to be the easiest to use and has good speed for the free non-commercial license. Install it on your computer and the people you want to help. Make them a desktop icon and show them where it is and that they should launch it if they need help. Once they launch it all they need to give you is their ID and the one-time pin it generates.


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Thanks for such a speedy response. That sounds perfect. I'll give it a go & see if she's able to figure things out enough to let me gain access. I've not used that particular one before but it sounds way easier than some older ones I vaguely remember using with Win XP :)


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You may both find it easier if your friend sets up unattended access and also sets Teamviewer to run automatically at startup. Unattended access gives you access using a permanently set up ID and PIN and running at startup means they don't have to run it themselves. As soon as you are both up and running you will have access with no action required by your friend.

i think teamviewer is a most software


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I'm Using supremo for remote help. It is working fine for me . you can also try Teamveiwer and Showmypc .

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