When is service pack 2 going to be released for windows 7

Since windows 8 has been released for a while now, I was wondering if and when service pack 2 is going to be released for windows 7. windows 7 seems to still be th os of choice for many, however windows 8 is not all that terrible once you get used to the funky start screen.

I am an IT Pro/Consultant & a Microsoft Partner. Have heard nothing about a SP2 for Win7 being forthcoming.

You are right, Win8 is FAR from terrible, more like terrific. As for its Start screen, it can be pretty cool & likable but, also, Win8 can be used very, very, nicely w/out ever visiting or using its Start screen (or the ALL Apps screen, for that matter.)

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Although i wish they would release a new service pack it would be cool to see better things added

Joe S

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I don't think MS intends to do SP2 and they certainly won't add anything new to Windows 7 since Windows 8 hasn't been a big sucess.


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I guess our best hope is to wish. When the inevitable day comes when I have to re-install Windows 7, I certainly won't like to spend a day or two on the updates! :cool: Thus, a SP2 would be most welcome.

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