When renaming a fold "Photos" all contents disappear

I had a folder full of photos on my external hard drive and moved them to my new computer.
I copied the folder over to: "My Documents"->"My Folder"->"Photos" on my laptop's D: partition (C: contains Win7)
When I click into the Photos folder I don't see any files and the file counter at the bottom says 0.
Right-click->Properties shows 2.4 Gigs and 130 files.
I then renamed the Photos folder to Photos-test.
Now everything works normally.
I can rename it back to Photos and the contents become invisible again.

Any thoughts?


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Wow.... not sure I've ever seen this exact issue before.
The only thing that comes to mine is the file attributes of the contents of your "Photos" folder.
They may either have +h or +s turned on (hidden or system) and you are not showing hidden files or system files.
You can check this quickly by showing both (just temporarily).
From the menu bar (if menu bar is hidden just strike the "Alt" key on your keyboard, Tools, Folder Options, View Tab. In the advanced settings box under Hidden files and folders tick the radio button that says "Show hidden files, folders, and drives.", for the +h hidden attributes.
For the +s attribute you'll need to uncheck the box that says Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and answer yes when it prompts, are you sure.
Remember to reset them when you're done.
Other than that, I got nothing....

Yep, tried that already. No go.

I also checked the attributes: The owner and my username both show full privileges, and I am listed as the owner.

Here's something: The "read only" box is checked (which should make no difference in viewing the files) so I unchecked it and hit OK. I then right-clicked back into properties and the "read only" box was still checked.

Something is funky.

No big deal, I just renamed the file "Photos-" with the dash and it's working normally. Still curious if anyone has an answer though.


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All I could think of is the term "Photos" is used for something else on the system. Maybe related to the Photos App or some other utility..

If you look at the folder properties and the Customize tab, is there a difference between Photos and Photos- ?

I suppose I should ask, have you moved the MyDocuments library folder to the new system's D: partition? In what OS were the pictures created?

"My Documents" was not moved (Still in it's default C:/Users/me/My Documents).
The jpgs are from my old computer, saved from my camera to Win 7.
I created a new jpg using Snipping Tool on my new computer, also Win 7, but it acts exactly the same as the old photos.
I renamed the folder "Photos-" and created a new folder called "Photos"
The new folder does the same thing.
The properties are exactly the same in both folders.
I then created a new folder in a different sub-folder named "Photos" and it works normally.

D:/foo/bar/Photos doesn't work normally
D:/foo/blah/Photos works normally

Both 'bar' and 'blah' folders have the same properties and same permissions.

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