Insider Preview When Windows 10 releases

Paul Simpson

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Just a quick one. When 10 finaly becomes available are we going to be able to install on top of the TP or are we going to be required go back to win 8/7 then update from there again?
The reason I ask is I have just broke my win 8 disc and would need to download the iso again just in case I need to roll back to a win 8 image.


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It is starting to look like it is probable that the best option will be to do a clean install or upgrade from Windows 8. There looks to be just too many changes, but we won't be 100% certain until it is out.

Paul Simpson

Well-Known Member
Thanks Mike. I will download the iso just to be safe.

Andrea Borman

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I have got one of the Preview builds of Windows 10. But I am not going to upgrade to it when it's released. I don't see the point since if you have got Windows 8 that is just as good. I use Windows 7 most of the time BTW.

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