Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

Which AV Do You Use?

  • AVG Internet Security/Anti-virus

    Votes: 30 13.1%
  • avast!

    Votes: 61 26.6%
  • Norton 360/Internet Security

    Votes: 20 8.7%
  • McAfee

    Votes: 11 4.8%
  • Microsoft Security Essentials

    Votes: 75 32.8%
  • Trend Micro

    Votes: 3 1.3%
  • MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

    Votes: 33 14.4%
  • ESET Smart Security/NOD32

    Votes: 21 9.2%
  • Other

    Votes: 51 22.3%
  • Spybot S&D

    Votes: 7 3.1%

  • Total voters


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There's a number of different AV program on the market today, and I thought it could be a good controversial thread to create..

Vote and post why you like the anti-virus, if you selected "other" make sure to tell us the name of the one you're using.

I, myself have been switching around a lot lately.. Started with Microsoft Security Essentials but removed due to some strange problem it was causing with my disk IO at login. From there, I moved (back) to AVG since I received a free 1-year professional licence, but found the same result: it's been a resource hog every since version 8.
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I also use Spybot S&D but not much after descovering Malwarebytes. I used AVAST before moving to MSE and haven't had any problems yet.
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Years ago I used to juggle between Kaspersky and ESET Nod32. In the end the hammer came down in favour of ESET. Probably at the time for no better reason than, for me, the UI was far more user friendly. I did try AVG 8.0 once. Got uninstalled faster than it installed! Back to Nod. Also have Malwarebytes' running in the background.


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I ended up going back to MSE after reinstalling AVG 2011 today - such an immediate negative impact on system performace. From boot to ready took over 4 minutes!

I need to edit the poll as I've forgotten a few options.

Joe S

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I went to Avast years ago. Got fed up with Norton and Mcaffee and their bloat. I tried AVG and ran into a problem, it froze PC if mouse went over a file with SP2 for XP or the row of files and spent several minutes scanning it. Their forum seemed a bit snooty and unhelpful so I switched to Avast.


The worst of the bunch, stay away - AVG, anything Norton/Symatnec

The best - Kaspersky (I use, integrated in Zone Alarm Extreme), ESET NOD32 (if updated to latest), MSE (the only a/v that can not and does not cause bsods, which includes all.)


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I have been a pretty long time user of AVG, but recently removed it and switched to MSE at TorrentG's suggestion.

AVG was the best on XP. Apparently not so friendly on Win7.


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Wow, not a lot of options... We're missing 80% of the rest of commercial anti-viruses.
Also i would add a "none" option to the post as well.
Since im using norton ghost 12 i'm not worried about viruses anymore.


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Wow, not a lot of options... We're missing 80% of the rest of commercial anti-viruses.
Also i would add a "none" option to the post as well.
Since im using norton ghost 12 i'm not worried about viruses anymore.

Please don't hesitate to give me more suggestions, as a moderator I have the ability to edit the poll.


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I've relied entirely on freebies over many years. Used Trend, AVG and Avast in the past. Currently relying on on MSE. Like your typical geek I visit many places which might be regarded as potential threats! I've found them all totally reliable. I also do a regular sweep with both spybot and malware bytes. I also use Acronis True Image to maintain an up to date image of my system drive so always have the option of full recovery to a clean state. I've sampled the various bloatware packages and rejected them because of their resource hogging and also because of the nanny control which they impose.

@ bobalazs: "Since im using norton ghost 12 i'm not worried about viruses anymore." Like my use of Acronis, this is a good solid bit of insurance for recovering from an infection but it does represent only a cure and does nothing to prevent the threat to your data security whilst infected. I'd recommend you have some antivirus installed to help you prevent infection rather than just cure it after the event.


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MSE has always served me well since it's release. It does a great job of scanning, updates daily (sometimes twice), and I highly recommend it to all.

But as I've always stated, having MBAM is a good second scanner to use in addition to MSE. Also, I've recently discovered ESET online scanner, it does well, too.

I've never paid for an AV during my computing lifetime, and never will. There are too many free options to need to pay to keep your computer secure. The first option is the one between the chair and the keyboard, no AV/Malware program takes the place of safe computing.



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[langtitle=id]Re: Which Anti-Virus do You Use?[/langtitle]

[lang=id]saya sebelumnya memakai kaspersky internet security 2011 trs pindah ke kaspersky pure R2[/lang]


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Re: [langtitle=id]Re: Which Anti-Virus do You Use?[/langtitle]

I started using Bullguard internet security, i stumbled on a 180 day trial, so far im content with it.
Not many false positives, excellent customer support.
I sent in thru their av, a false positive, got a reply within the hour, and got all fixed within the next update.
Thats what i call customer service. :)
It also fares well on the detection rate, tho some 64 bit system users had problems i heard.
I'm out.


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used Avast a long time ago, now I don't use any of these kind, somehow it got hard for me to cach a pretty dangerous virus, and even if I do, I still have few partitions for backup systems, so nothing to worry about for me :D