Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

Which AV Do You Use?

  • AVG Internet Security/Anti-virus

    Votes: 30 13.6%
  • avast!

    Votes: 59 26.8%
  • Norton 360/Internet Security

    Votes: 19 8.6%
  • McAfee

    Votes: 10 4.5%
  • Microsoft Security Essentials

    Votes: 73 33.2%
  • Trend Micro

    Votes: 3 1.4%
  • MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

    Votes: 31 14.1%
  • ESET Smart Security/NOD32

    Votes: 18 8.2%
  • Other

    Votes: 48 21.8%
  • Spybot S&D

    Votes: 7 3.2%

  • Total voters


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Very well put Randy. But after 60 the hurting isn’t the same! Nice to be a member (newbie) Ops oldie. Norton 360 is my current program? so far so good. The only draw back so far.. Keeps asking do you want to RENEW?

Using Avira free, Malware Bytes free, and Comodo firewall..so far so good. Win 7 64bit Home Premium

I used AVG and my computer was secure,but since I'm a gamer and it slows my Internet Connection,I decided to use aVast! :)

ESS. : )...........

Joe S

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Make sure you run the AVG removal tool.

I chose the first time AV microsoft security essential becuase i found it very good concerning protection, and it can get 98% viruses.

Microsoft Security Essentials is best for home users.


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Microsoft Security Essentials is best for home users.

Not nessecarily, though it is arguably the most user friendly. The "best" choice for home users is the one that works best for you and has good detection rates/realtime.

I'm using Kaspersky. The Geek Squad recommended it when I bought my new HP at Best Buy. I'm a non-techie, so I took their advice.

none, quickest and simplest and most effective

Comodo Antivirus + Firewall Free Edition. Since Sygate Personal Firewall not compatible with win7, and windows firewall not even better then sygate personal firewall, i choose comodo.

What about BitDefender Total Security 2011?

I know it may be slightly more CPU intensive, but it is the best out there (for me). Catches everything in my torrents (it has a add in on uTorrent to scan rar files and everything before they even touch your computer), always works, etc...

Just amazing.

Avira all the way!


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[langtitle=hu]Re: Which Anti-Virus do You Use?[/langtitle]

[lang=hu]Eset Smart Security 4 business edition.[/lang]

i'm changing my answer, as I AM DONE WITH AVIRA!!!!!! it goes behind my back all the time and deletes files that i have specifically asked it to ignore. also, continues to ask me about files that i just told it to "always ignore". SO I AM OFFICIALLY LOOKING FOR A NEW SECURITY SUIT, OR DIFFERENT PROGRAMS THAT ARE LIGHT ON MY PROCESSOR, AND THOROUGH IN PROTECTING MY COMPUTER. MOST IMPORTANT, HOWEVER, IS THAT IT DOESN'T DELETE OR OTHERWISE MESS WITH ANYTHING WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST!!! WHAT SHOULD I TRY????


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i would suggest microsoft security essentials its free and i have no issues so far but it slows my system a bit

Have tried and used quite a few, Avira, McAfee, Avast, Webroot, S&D Search & Destroy, Trend Micro, the list goes on.
Then MSE came along, haven't looked back since.
Although there is one that's moving up the ladder quickly and knocking the socks off the others including MSE, AVG, ESET, Norton, Kapersky, etc: and that's Vipre Home Premium.

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