Windows 10 Which app is trying to access my mic?


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Hi all,

Recently I installed a clean copy of Windows 10 pro on my laptop.

After I finished updating windows, I installed only the Lenovo update software, an external FW and a few popular tools which have been downloaded from trustworthy websites.

However, while I was downloading (or installing) CCleaner, I received a notification that windows has blocked an app from accessing my microphone (I didn’t turn off the mic but just disabled all the apps on the list from accessing it).

To the best of my knowledge, I did not use any application that might want to access my mic.

Therefore, my questions are i) was my computer hacked/infected with a malware or any kind of malicious software? ii) Do you have any other explanation? iii) Is there a way to see what applications have been trying to access my mic/camera ?

Thank you in advance!


This may be an example of the reasoning behind the common advice to not install Ccleaner and similar apps.

I hope a reader can offer you more specific help.

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