Which OS Did You Upgrade From ???

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Which OS Did You Upgrade From ???
forgot to add multiple choose if you did dual boot then installed 7 over both OSs than list 2end os on fourm


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I guess I did a fresh install. Had Vista but no more. That is I did a clean install. :confused:

Hmmm, that's a tough 1 ;)

I just went from W7 RCs to RTMs, does that count? Feels like it, to me
Dunno if I upgraded from Vista cus I still have it i my computer, also. But, I don't use it much (anymore), does that count?
& I guess I upgraded from XP although, still run that virtually.

So technicaly, from Vista, I guess. Although, triple-boot now, til recently, I dual-booted to Vista & XP

Not sure when I upgraded or fom what exactly but, I'm sure y'all can/will figure it out :D

Then, again, maybe I (actually) upgraded nothing as all installs have always been as clean installs to their own drives. LOL


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me=:confused: i think i gotta take a break

I guess I did a fresh install. Had Vista but no more. That is I did a clean install. :confused:
don't worry about your choice. even though its partially on the vista vote but u did a CLEAN install :D

Joe S

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A CLEAN INSTALL is the only way to go! Most of the people here now having problems upgraded instead of a clean install.


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Had Vista earlier and did a clean install. Later installed Linux Ubuntu on another partition, so now I have a dual-boot machine with Win7/Ubuntu.

similar to Drew

i went through the RCs to the RTM, but i picked vista as it came preinstalled on the pc

sorry drew

meant i picked upgraded vista from the poll at the top

vista was preinstalled on my pc at purchase, so i still have the recovery sector for it should i wish to go back

as for the current windows i am using, that's 7

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