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Windows 8 Why can't I copy folder to DVD?


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May 25, 2009

I'm trying to make a set of DVDs so that I can transfer Wow Wrath of the Lich King to a friends computer.

I made 5 folders numbered 1 through 5 and then moved the folders from the installation to them in a way that keeps the size of any one folder smaller then the capacity of a DVD disk.

It doesn't need to be installed just copied back to the new computer in the correct location.

The problem is that when I try and copy them to the DVD in Windows 8 it says that 2.5 gig folder is too large to copy to the 4.7 gig disk?

Here's the image...

Link Removed

Anyone have any idea why this is happening or how I can get it to copy the folder to the disk.
To be honest I haven't tried using a third party app.

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I figured it out.

When I downloaded the install files I did it twice, and placed them in two folders on my desktop, later I copied one of the sets to my D:\ drive, but I left them on the desktop as well.

This was a total of about 35 gigabytes of data, stored on the desktop.

I finally realized that the reason that I couldn't copy the files organised into different folders from my D:\ drive to the DVDs was because I didn't have enough space left on my C:\ drive (my temporary Windows 8 partition) to allow it to swap the files from one place to another.

I removed the files from the desktop and it copied them fine after that.

Funny though, when I finally did it I put in the DVD dragged the folder to it one by one, watched the copy progress indicator as it moved across and when it had finished and closed the window I took out the DVDs and numbered them.

Once all 5 disks were done I started putting the disks back in to check them and they were all empty.

As it turns out once you drag the files to them, you will see the copying pop up and then once it's done you have to right click in the windows and select burn to disk, apparently the copying process you see is just the files being copied to the swap files.

Live and learn.


PS. Three fifths of the way through the process i.e. between disks 3 and 4 I had to reboot my computer because the swap file was full again. I have a fixed swap file size.
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Thanks for sharing your experience Mike. I'm sure it may prove helpful to others having similar issues.