Windows 8 Why do people hate the new start screen?

Do you hate the start screen?

  • Yes, it's horrible

    Votes: 8 28.6%
  • Yes, but I will adapt

    Votes: 4 14.3%
  • Neutral

    Votes: 5 17.9%
  • No, I love it

    Votes: 11 39.3%

  • Total voters
I answered the poll as hate but in reality I'm neutral on the Start screen but hate Metro apps. I've yet to find a single Metro app that I have installed from the store that hasn't been uninstalled after a short test. All Metro apps seem way too simplistic and void of features that would make them useful.

I say I'm neutral on the Start screen because I simply don't use it, I work from the desktop. On my Win 8 machines, I boot to the Start screen, hit the desktop tile and never come back. On my Win 8.1 machines, I boot directly to the desktop and stay there. I didn't use the Start button in Win 7 so I haven't missed it in Win 8 and have no use for it in 8.1.
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Ditto, except I don't hate all the Store APPs. And, as everyone knows, Windows 8 or 8.1 I use an Applications windows from/on the Taskbar... never needing Start or ALL Apps screens & never leaving Desktop.

Also, had quit using start button & menu way before Windows 8.

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My point exactly.
You work like I do, 10 things at once, and Windows 8 just isn't good at that.

Hi, Mike.

I'm confused about something.

I have an i7 desktop with two 24" hi-def monitors running windows 8. I'm a full time structure engineer and a part-time developer/programmer (I say that because people always think land developer). I work with visual studio, photoshop, autocad, microstation, etc. among other heavy duty desktop software. Ever since I switched to 8, I've found my work flow to be more efficient. And all the desktop programs that I used before 8 came out still work just fine in the desktop environment on 8.

What I'm confused about is what's preventing you from working in the desktop on 8? Who's forcing you to work in metro?

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I also have a hybrid (hp envy x2). While it's an atom processor tablet that runs 8, it's more powerful than most people realize. For example, I've written 2 apps and published them in the winstore using nothing but visual studio on the envy x2. Wrote them while going back and forth on the train.

The point is had the hybrid been running 7, I would not have been able to use visual studio and compile those apps with ease like that.

8's biggest strength over everything else is it is the most efficient OS I've ever used. It manages very heavy duty programs just fine even with something as weak as an atom processor.

I have an asus transformer infinity (a very high end android tablet that has the tegra3), and a galaxy 2. I used to have an ipad 3 before I sold it. Compared side by side with my x2, those machines feel clunky and slow. With 8, the tablet experience is much better than iOS or android. And on a desktop, it works exactly like 7, if not better.

And if you hate to see the metro interface, it takes about 60 seconds to install a free app like classic shell and about 40 seconds to tweak the registry to make the start screen disappear forever. And you still get to keep all the benefits of 8.

I think the reason 8 is doing lousy with sales is because when 8 came out the market and households have already been saturated with iOS and android devices.

For example, I took this picture the last time I visited my sister's family. There are 5 members in the family. Her husband, her, and 3 boys ages 3, 6, and 9.


An asus transformer infinity tf700 for each member of the family. And there are two 7" galaxy tab 2's in there also. In addition, they have an i7 desktop downstairs and an i7 laptop upstairs, both running windows 7. Can you imagine a family like this abandoning all their android tablets and go out to get windows 8 tablets?

The lack of 8 devices sales have more to do with it coming out too late than its performance. Most people I know who have actually given 8 a chance actually like it a lot. But by now, the market and households have been saturated with iOS, android, and windows 7 devices that there's no little room for 8. Remember that computer devices these days last a lot longer than they did back in the 90's.
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