why is Windows 7 impossible to stream?

hi every1
k so basically where I work they're gonna install win7 64bit (discs with sp1 apparently) and of course this sort of task is given to the little interns like me :p
personally I still use XP @ home btw
now recently MS has released a crapload of links to all the updates of the past years, as a "gift", on their support site (/en-us/kb/913086) and already I'm kinda confused: what's the point in posting those updates? windows will automatically find & download them one by one when updating anyway right?
and it's not like they released a 2nd service pack for win7 (that'd be expecting too much from them) no these are like hundreds of updates since sp1 that have to be installed one by one for each .msu file, and of course it's impossible to update without rebooting (go fig, maybe it's still beyond their skills to make such updates lol) so that means rebooting hundreds of times & all that

so a theoretical alternative would be something like streaming where all .msu & .exe update files are magically integrated onto the disc
but apparently it's impossible to make a practical streaming with win7 at least thats what I'm told! :( so why's that? is it because they designed the OS to hinder such methods for some reason?

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It's called slip streaming and there is software. With XP people made monthly update packs for slip streaming that were simple to use. Unfortunately with Windows 7 there are no similar packs being made. I have slip streamed Windows 7 and it's a pain. I used one source for updates and it was a pain because the was just a bunch of individual updates that had to be unpacked one at a time. Post back if you want the links but it's figure it yourself and kind of frustrating. I did monthly slip streams of XP but gave up on Windows 7 about 3 years ago. You might look into imaging an updated system and use that image for the other PCs.

yeah that's the problem the updates are all just a bunch of small files (.exe files but mostly .msu files) and it's no not like we can just copy these updates on the disc
the closest thing to the "updated" system we have are discs with SP1 on them which means we'd still have to integrate all the updates after 2011 into it! (and without redundancy, in other words if one update is overridden by another update, then no need to slip stream the first update - in other words an "AI" that detects which update files are necessary to slip-stream & which ones ain't, if that's possible)

and apparently that's impossible :/

ty tried to download - but unknown server error (tried various browsers)

anyway google says this is still in beta - which means it would probably screw up the final image anyway :( (even a byte off could crash the whole thing)

but is there reason why they stopped at beta version? sounds a bit suspicious :/

Joe S

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It was a private developer who was making continuing improvements and not a commercial project. Most of the slip stream tools for XP were done by individuals also.

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