Why Microsoft killed the Windows Start button


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Sometimes reading through the accumulation of information contained in our "News" sub-forum can be a bit daunting and in some instances, because of the way it's gathered can seem repetitive in that some information seems to get duplicated.
Given that, if a user finds a particular point of interest there or elsewhere, I can see no negative impact from that user bring that to some attention by repeating the post elsewhere within the forum. It maybe better perhaps to actually link to the forum post if that is an option, for instance, while wading through there today I found this http://windows8forums.com/windows-8-news/8571-windows-8-tip-disable-lock-screen.html
which resolves to here http://www.winsupersite.com/article/windows8/windows-8-tip-disable-lock-screen-143556
I found that article of particular interest to me, as I don't need or want a "Lock Screen" on my desktop and would much rather boot to the logon screen. But that's just me.

& cus (although, I didn't know it was there) this struck me as more discussion, than news.

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My apologies. I meant it not in criticism. My own way of coming on to the site, takes me first to the main forum page. There I can seelct any forums which interest me. Selecting the news forum, saves me the interference by having news items in my email. But I can see that, if one selects "What's new", then they would hardly ever get to bother with the News items. Quite a sensible idea, of the Administrator, to split it like that, once you are aware that "What's new" and "New posts" reveal different items. The other forums I visit have the same items, whichever tab you click - makes one or the other a little superfluous.

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