Why Windows 7 Will Flop - It's The Economy


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My last word in this thread -- but judging by the amount of people buying Laptops and other computer gear in general last Saturday in my local computer store PC world (not the best or cheapest place either) one would be tempted to say "What Recession". This store was busier than before last XMAS and there's no special Sales on at the moment.

Whatever the politicians say (who believes them anyway) and even with the value of the GBP falling like a stone against almost every other currency on the planet (including the Russian Ruble - but thank goodness I'm still paid in Euros) there are still plenty of people out their spending money.

Even if we get to horrendous levels of 10% unemployment (I still don't believe we'll get that high anyway) that means in the UK there will still be over 35 Million People still working -- even in the UK we don't pay 100% tax (yet).

As a US president said some time ago "There's nothing to fear except fear itself".

Sorry if anybody reading this has been laid off / let go etc. This is due to horrendous greedy banks -- howevr the economy will recover and I''m sure by October the whole situation will be very different.



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The simple fact is, 99% of all computer users never upgrade their OS. They buy a new computer. When their old comptuer wears out, or they can't play the latest version of The Sims anymore, they tromp down to Best Buy or order from Dell. When it comes, it comes with Windows 7 instead of Vista, at no additional cost to them (because they would have had to buy an OS anyways).

So no, WIndows 7 is not going to flop, at least not compared to PC sales. Unless of course, in the highly unlikely event that Desktop Linux ever really truly takes off.


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I don't think so, as long as Windows 7 is as fast as Windows XP with the power of Windows Vista, Microsoft would have a powerful economic swing on Windows 7.