wifi got disabled... :(

i was trying to connect my e71 with my laptop but it didnt get installed,i thought there is some problem,i uninstalled the blutooth on my laptop and then rebooted and then again reinstalled bluetooth,but in doing this,the laptop wi-fi got disabled...when i go to network adapters and try to enable the wifi,it says it enabled but icon remains black n white,means it remains disabled...i tried to update driver from windows update,it did but still didnt turn on,again tried for rebooting after so many hit and trial methods,but none worked...
plz tell me how i enable it...


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Try removing it from device manager in control panel, rebooting and see if it picks it up again.


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Also double check for a physical button or key combination (Fn + SomeKey) that physically turns on the wireless radio. Seems like the first thing anyone would check but believe me it is often overlooked (especially if you have a small child in the house who enjoys pressing buttons).

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