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Windows 8 Wild Tangent not removing from "all apps"! Tried everything.

John Anderson

New Member
Apr 25, 2013
Resident geniuses,

Just got a new HP that came preloaded with HP Games and Wild Tangent. I've uninstalled through them the control panel, navigated to and deleted the program files, and even used the "take ownership" hack to delete them from the hidden 'windowsapps' folder. Even deleted registry entries. A search reveals nothing. But they are still there in the "all apps" list. The labels "all kids games, all enthusiast games, etc." are there, along with probably 10 or so games. I want these GONE.

When I right click and select "open in location" or the like it takes me to a folder with a chess piece, spade, and puzzle piece as an icon (no clue what this is). It lists them all there, but I can't open or right click or do anything in that folder. I'm sure if I get those deleted my problem will be resolved, but no clue how to do that.

Any insight will be much appreciated!! And feel free to lay it out quite clearly; treat me like an idiot! ha! Thanks in advance!
Try downloading and running a free copy of ccleaner:

Link Removed

Use it to remove junk files and also to run the registry cleaner. See if that is enough to tidy up your uninstalls.
No dice. Forgot to mention I have and have run CCleaner.
Any ideas on how to get to this folder and delete what I mention?