Win 10 installation time

Ok, 2GB main memory, but how about
- a process that consumes all resources
- updates installed
- the size of the swapfile/virtual memory
- upgrade from a clean install of the previous version?
No processes consuming all sources,
I have installed al updates, it took three hours, the laptop is working reasonably well now,
I do wonder if anyone has any recommendations on what services I might want to disable from 'automatic' startup. I realise these are usually for peoples own unique circumstances.
At present after startup cpu usage is 1% so thats great, HDD usage 1%, however on the memory front 1.2gb is in use and the pc has only started up. its says 45MB of memory is compressed??? cached is 795mb, paged pool is 158,b non paged is 97mb, total paging file is 1152mb, this was a clean install.

Tomorrow I will look to install virtual box, can I expect win xp to run v slowly in virtual box or will it get proper access to hardware?

Thank you for all of your help everyone.


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I think you have done it!
If I were you I would not touch the services.
All processes use virtual memory, the memory of sleeping processes is set aside.
Success with the installation of virtual box!
Hi guys,

Thanks for your help so far, one last tricky bit, what do I do in regards to the fact the laptop logs in automatically and refers to the user as "administrator" baring in mind I had to put the following commands in during installation to make it work?

net user Administrator /active:yes
net user /add admin password
net localgroup administrators admin /add
cd %windir%\system32\oobe


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Windows 8.1 key will be fine for windows 10 once you have done at least one install which contains internet connection

Windows 10 is slightly slower than Windows 8.1 but it should also use the Ram better when multitasking... No you are not able to make manual adjustment to Ram eating at start time

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Is there a process that consumes all resourses?

All I have done is install windows 10, install the updates, and today I see the HDD light on for ages, I haven't run any checking service manually however you can see malware service is very busy. Is here anything I can do?


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