Win 7 Not all it was cracked up to be

I had win xp for years and I loved it. Win 7 came with a new Dell I bought. I can't put xp on it.I download a lot and I uninstall a lot and windows won't let me uninstall anything! It crashes all the time. Xp would crash once in a while. I prefer easy and XP is easy. I never felt this way moving from Win ME to win XP! I absolutely hate win 7. Oh yes another gripe, I have folders on my desktop. Games, other games and utilities. Win 7 loves to move them around in places I deplore. It would rather put the files on top of each other and that confuses me. I put my folder under a heading and expect them to stay put but nooooooooooo. 7 has to move everything. I'm a smalltime gamer. Mouse games.:( Thumbs down for win 7!:mad:


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Sounds like you haven't had the best experience so far. OEM's often preload their PC's with a lot of crapware. One of the first things you should consider when getting a new PC is uninstalling them all, although as you mentioned that doesn't work. So the next best thing to do is a clean installation of Windows. What version are you running? 64-bit home premium I assume. Please post back and I'll help you on get the resources necessary to perform a clean installation.

Also, why are you unable to install Windows XP? There should be no reason you can't (although with Microsoft discontinuing all support for it next year, I don't see any valid reason for why a person would want to). If you insert your Windows XP disc at boot and select your CD/DVD drive as the boot device, it should take you directly to the installation.

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