Win 7 x64 BSOD:(

I runned the memtest on sunday for 7 passes, no errors, but i did get an other bsod today, similar to the one above, but its not a cdd.dll error.
Just like the last one, it happened when i alt+f4 a game.:(
I should stop doing that all togheter too.:(

View attachment 120110-14328-01.dmp

Are you sure?:((
Memetest didn't gave any errors, would have let it for more passes but i got bored and it only happens when i exit a game, not playing or anything else and it seems only when i use alt+f4, in both cases, don't remember when the bsod whit the cdd.dll error happend.
The fact is, if it didn't show any errors to me, if i send it to a service computer, they will do basically the same test for the rams and it probably won't show an error and they will keep it for like 2-3 weeks and just send it back.
Since its in warranty, i still need theyr permision if i buy them my self, whici i won't anyway since they are obligated to change them for free, not to mention that i still have to send the computer so they can change the ram modules.:(

#64 haven't tested modules individually as previously shown to do....and even if Memtest86+ shows 100 good passes, it still doesn't mean RAM is well. All that means is that errors were not found.

Well, i can't test them individually:(

Well, thx for everything.It happens rarely, so i won't send it to the service now, will wait after the holiday's. Will also stop exiting a game by alt+f4.

Thx again.

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