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I've got my computer all up and running again with everything installed and for the most part working.
It's running very well, but there is a down side.

Cortana has stopped talking again.

I can clearly see that she is sending the speech signal to my Sound Blaster Card, but unlike last time disabling it doesn't cause the sound to move to the Realtek Speakers setting.

I moved the speaker plug to the Sound Blaster card and even though I could see the sound activity in the Sound Control Panel, no sound came out from Cortana, other sounds did work however.

I tested the Windows Text the Speech application and I could here it fine, and my own text to speech software and my custom Windows sounds are all working.

The other thing that isn't working is the right click links from the Start Button.
When I click on them nothing happens.

After I first installed I noticed that some of them didn't work, but things like Command Prompt did work.
Now none of them do.

As far as I can see, everything else seems to be working OK.

I don't have a clue about the links?


PS, My clean install didn't save any disk space, my total installation ended up slightly bigger then my previous one even though I was really careful to make sure I didn't install any software on the drive that could be installed some place else.

One culprit seems to be the System Volume Information file, which grew from 8 to 12.8 Gigabytes.
My Widows Folder is now 20 Gigs, this is a little smaller. Plus I haven't removed the recovery image data folder that was removed from the old install. That accounts for 10+ Gigs.

I'm wondering if I should remove it, I'm suspecting that the reason that I couldn't get my computer to go into repair mode when I had problems was because I had removed these files and it didn't have a data base to work from..

Any chance that, that's a possibility?

PS2, Sorry about the LOOSE spelling. LOL
It won't let me correct the headline.

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I did get Cortana talking again, I had to go into Device Manager, uninstall my sound card, and remove all the drivers for it and reboot.
Once I did that she started talking to my Realtek audio and I can hear her voice.

I still haven't found out why the right click dropdown links don't work from the start button.


I'm going to amend that, she talks if I ask her a question or something like, Tell me a joke or sing a song.
She will give me the Weather Report, but she won't use my name.

When I try and do the say my name thing, I don't hear any sound, but at least I know that this is a Cortana problem, not a sound card issue.


OK, she stopped and started again after I once again uninstalled my Sound Blaster Card.
I think I'm going to have to physically remove the card from my computer.

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