Windows 7 Win7 and SSD's


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Jan 16, 2009
So Ive got a bday coming up and am lucky enough to have a 60GB Apex series solid state drive in the mail.
I dont have a problem with it yet. Was looking for some feedback on someone who is running one of these 1st gen drives with Windows 7 x64. I understand XP do not mix well with these and they stutter a lot.

Anyways write speeds do not concern me, but multitasking does. I intend to use it for installing newer builds on it and use it for testing, while keeping the RC running on my HDD

Bit the bullet and changed my order to the Vertex series too concerned about the stuttering. Apparently the new firmware makes it nearly 3x as fast as the original firmware.

Looking forward to testing some of the new builds on it..
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They blogged all about SSD's and Windows 7 not to long ago. Check it out for more information.
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The Vertex raised my WEI up to 7 for drive performance. Wouldve thought it scored higher than that..

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Nice scores loathe,

I've said this before (and I'll repeat it again.)

After seeing many posts and their scores, it always seems as though the video card is the lowest score in the list..

It's almost like you have to have a super hi-end video card to improve the scores.

In my case , with a NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT card (which is a decent card), my gaming performance is only 5.3
Haha yeh poor PC shes all overclocked up to the teeth. Not bad for a rig thats almost a year old now.
Id be interested is someone with a pair of raptors in raid 0 to post their drive score see how mine compares..

Man those SSD's are fast through Windows
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