Win7 - Microsoft deliberately disabled "stereo-mix" for recording "what U hear" audio

Apparently, Microsoft is purposefully excluding the "Stereo Mix" / "Record What you hear" / "Waveout mix" feature in its W7 drivers.

I'm also not alone in this - there are hundreds of threads just like this on the internet.

I've got a problem with my W7 Home....I can listen to music just fine [streaming over the internet, or from my stockpile of mp3's]. I can also play my guitar through my sound card's "line-in" and hear it thru the headphones plugged into the computer. All good, right? Nope!

Yet, when I want to play the guitar, acompanied by some internet blues radio station for fun/practice, I cannot record my noodlings. Apparently, Windows 7 is not allowing "Stereo-Mix" to work on my computer. I've tried several sound recording suites and all of them cannot get the "Stereo-Mix" option going - only my "line-in" guitar noise gets recorded. The "Stereo-Mix" option appears right below my "line-in" system sounds settings, but says it's "CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE".

What, did Windows 7 send it on vacation?

Curiously, there was absolutely no problem until I "upgraded" from WinXP.....There has to be a way to get back this capability!?! It's frustrating!! There must be a fix.

I have an integrated sound card - a VIA VT 1708B on an Asus P5KPL-CM mobo.

And, yes I've tried "enabling" the stereo-mix to no avail, clicked every button imaginable, and I've updated my VIA on board sound wafer with VIA's latest 2009 driver updates [v7400]....still cant record my guitar sound with music playing over the internet. And yes, W7 is fully + currently updated.

My "line in" is set as "default communication device" - if it's not, there's no guitar sound - logical, yes? No matter what I do, on the Win7 system sounds selector, it always tells me that Stereo Mix "Via High Definition Audio" is "Currently Unavailable" when I full well know it's active and the "Playback thru this device " option is set to "default playback device"....

I can still hear mp3's and streaming audio. That's cool, but not being able to record both at the same time is maddening. XP handled this without any issues, why is Win 7 finding this impossible? Very frustrating! I did try a aftermarket audio recorder [trial useage], and it was able to do what Windows 7 cannot apparently do - however they would charge me $29.99 to do so.

So Microsoft, care to share why your wonderful new software can't do such a simple task?

Tried ASIO4ALL???

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