Win7 not shutting down and takes lots of time to install a program

I installed windows 7 7100 x32 on my laptop (Acer Aspire 5535) and my experience has been great, is just 2 of the most important features are not working or taking lots of time:

1- The computer is not shutting down: When is going down stucks on the shutting down message and never goes down

2- Takes so much time when installing any program: I installed my NOD32 x32 and it took around 10 minutes to finish, while on xp and vista tooks lees than a minute, and not only for NOD32... Is with any program I wish to install..... :(

7 is a great OS so far, may be I am the only one facing these issues... Any help?? word?? update I Miss????


Vinicio Oses :D


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Something is Likely Consuming CPU

My advice would be to run MSCONFIG from a command prompt and keep everything from running at boot other than your Firewall and Antivirus. See if you can shut down and load things at a reasonable rate. If you can, add thing back to startup one-by-one. If that doesn't work, try a full spyware and antivirus scan.

Still not working

Hi Busydog, I haven't install anything yet into my laptop and there isn't something consuming most of CPU or memory.... The problem happends since I load the OS....... since the beggining Im not able to install a program. My lap has lots of resources available



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Next Step

OK, open Task Manager and see if there is a process running that is keeping you from shutting down. (Close one at a time while trying to shut down.) I suspect something is running that is keeping you from shutting down. The culprit process probably will guide you to what program is running that shouldn't be running.


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See if Any System Files are Corrupt

I'd then try (from a command prompt) "SFC /SCANNOW".

This will make sure that all of your system files are in their original condition and not corrupt. You may have to insert your Win7 DVD.

It's working now!!, Windows started downloading the automatic updates and then proceeded to install them and after the restart the computer started running totally fine!!!. Now I can Say Windows 7 Rules as a Satisfied useer!!!! Thanks Busydog for all your help

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