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I am having a problem recovering an HP ML110 G6 which is being replaced by a dell T20. I was thinking I could just use a VSS backup in the Windoes server recovery during the server 2008R2 install. The ML110 G6 has 4 drives in it. C: E: F: and :G. The new server only has a single RAID 1 Volume. When the recovery begins everything looks great. I just sit back in my chair and let it happen. As a side not I used a USB stick with the mounted image to install server 2008 R2 to the new system. The system only appears to restore the C: drive. Then when I attemp to boot it takes me to the repair startup files prompt. Also will all of my active directory be restored to the new server or am I going to have to make an active directory restore to get everything up and running?

Any help would be appreciated.



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only has a single RAID 1 Volume
not the best because your hardware is too different

will all of my active directory be restored to the new server
no it won't because the new server is seen as a new server.
  • Why do you need server08r2 instead of 12r2?
I'm not a bug fan of VSS today (it was ok for the time) but you can read about it here = What is Windows VSS & why you should care | Mr. Backup Blog

My client is being cheap hence the refurb t20 and not wanting to spring for 2012r2. He is trying to cut corners and just recover the old server directly to the new one thinking all his programs will transfer straight across. My opinion was to spend the money and do a more powerful machine and 2012r2 and also rebuild the forest. He only has 4 computers at his business. The current server is a Frankenstein on drives that were pulled directly from users machines. Its really a meaa


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My client is being cheap
Thats my point mate... it is cheaper to build | maintain a server12r2 on something half current... ime putting up an old server will just lock you into a long tech support nightmare

Perhaps putting a FREE hyper-v (12r2 basic command interface) server on that hardware then remote into it from a 8.1 | wx pro laptop... note that wx is more mucking about and 8.1 is better when you want true remote (outside the network) access.

Try Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 | TechNet Evaluation Center

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