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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Rod92, Feb 6, 2013.

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    For months now , i can't even restart my pc in any form because the only way to get it to boot properly is in Safe Mode and the usual System Restore...when the arrow symbol pops up it just sits there and when i move the mouse the screen gets darker..i've updated and ran Malwarebytes quite a few times (usually finds a trojan) over the span of the months but it always tells me to reboot to cleanse completely and i can never get back on in Normal Mode . Also , Start-Up repair says it cant fix the issue (like 100/100x i ran it) any ideas guys?
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    You can start by running SFC /scannow from the Command prompt as Administrator, and make sure all your system files are OK.

    Since It boots in Safe Mode it seems likely that something you are loading is causing the computer to crash.

    have you updated your video drivers?

    Start the computer in safe mode and type msconfig in the run window.

    Tell it to boot with the minimal setting and see if it will boot into the normal Windows mode.

    If it does then look at what else is loading and try them a few at a time until you narrow it down to the one that is the problem.

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    If Mike's advice doesn't help:

    Since you don't seem to get it fixed with basic measures, it would probably be time saving to format the disk and re-install Windows. Malwarebyte's information of Trojans could be fatal?

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